by Matias Roland Decraene
A french artist gets his passport and paintings stolen in Saigon. Stealing or corruption?
After a denunciation of the artist, upon noticing the presence of a server containing pedophile material within the network of the hostel, the vietnamese police refused to take the deposition of the witnesses. Then, the vietnamese police tried to have them change their statements, without success.
Interviewed by journalists, the General Consul of France in HCMC refused to answer to any demand of interview about this case.
The vietnamese owner of the previous hotel, Co Minh Tanh, had bragged in front of witnesses to be paying 4 millions vietnamese dongs every month to the local police, which is her reason to, along with her place in the Vietnamese Communist Party in Hanoi, affirm that she has obtained the required authority to dispose of her clients and their belongings.
Her New-Zealand husband, Neil Frank East, has been sentenced a number of times to serve time in prison in similar stories in Australia, including one of three years and a half, while he was managing backpackers hostels with his previous wife."

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Sujet:     Attention Neil East
Date:     Sat, 3 Nov 2012 17:32:52 +0000 (04/11/2012 00:32:52)
Neil, you picked up my mobile phone from the bar in Bar 5 tonight by mistake. Please email me to arrange its return.
Thanks and regards.
John Boden
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